Latest Flight: Front Seat of the AT-6C

February 21, 2012 Carl Chance 0

I flew in the front seat of AT-6C N610AT from Beech Field (BEC) to Eglin AFB (VPS). We were originally supposed to go out as a two-ship (formation), but the other aircraft was delayed, so we took off in the morning. […]

First flight in the AT-6C.

November 27, 2011 Carl Chance 0

I have my own company call sign. It’s Beech Test 123. I chose the number because 23 is one of the most important numbers in my life and the 1 is for Beech Experimental Flight Test. […]

Sally’s Alley

August 8, 2010 Carl Chance 0

Sally’s Alley is a bar right off the flight line at March AFB. I always wanted to visit the place. It is one of the most famous aviation bars in the country. […]

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