Preparing For The Total Solar Eclipse

August 13, 2017 Carl Chance 0

Many people across the United States are hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare solar eclipse set to happen on August 21st. “Sunday Morning’s” Martha Teichner joins CBSN to dscuss the latest information.

The Truth on ATC Privatization …

August 8, 2017 Carl Chance 0

The big airlines are spinning myths that giving the FAA’s air traffic control system to a “not for profit” corporation run by the airlines would reduce delays. It wouldn’t. The truth is that the airlines […]

1000W LED on a DRONE – At Night!

August 7, 2017 Carl Chance 0

Fantastic footage from Daniel Riley, an awesome builder/creator. The lighting system on his drone flying at night is an other-worldly visual experience. For all those out there interested in drone flying, this is a must […]

On Board The B-29 “Doc”

August 5, 2017 Carl Chance 0

The B-29 known as “Doc” will serve as a traveling history museum to honor the men and women who designed, built and served on the aircraft. The historic Superfortress was the talk of the show […]

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