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The Rich Heritage of Kansas Aviation & Aviators Past, Present & Future
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From the archives

The Farnborough International Airshow is a seven-day international trade fair for the aerospace business which is held biennially in England.

Contributing Editors

Walter J. Boyne's "World Aviation History"

"I’ve been a fan of Wings Over Kansas for years, for it truly captures the flavor and the spirit of flying. Carl Chance has great taste and a wide knowledge that he applies to Wings Over Kansas, and the result is a valuable contribution to aviation all over the world. I particularly appreciate the balance of military, civil, commercial and historic aviation found on the site." Walter J. Boyne

Lionel Alford, Jr., Military Aviation Adventures

"Wings Over Kansas is the best aviation history website I have encountered on the world wide web. It is informative, entertaining, provides ever changing content, and is populated with the true voices of the mainstream aviation community. There is no better place to see where aviation has been and where it is going. Centered in the midst of the greatest producer of aircraft in the world, Wings Over Kansas reflects that aviation community to the rest of the world." Lionel D. Alford, Jr.

Ed Phillips, Barnstorming Wichita's Aviation Past

"As a long-time aviation enthusiast, pilot, flight instructor and A&P mechanic, ‘Wings Over Kansas’ keeps me informed about what’s going on in the highly fluid aviation industry worldwide, as well as zeroing in on specific topics that affect all of aeronautics from grass-roots flying to the space program. I think the blend of general aviation, military and commercial aviation is balanced just about right, and of equal importance to me, ‘Wings Over Kansas’ recognizes the crucial role that Kansas aviation history has played in pioneering and developing the airplane business during the past 90 years. In addition, ‘Wings Over Kansas’ provides information on flight operations, airspace, airports and regulatory issues that are relevant to all pilots and ‘arm-chair aviators’ alike. It’s a well-rounded package." Edward H. Phillips

Frank Joseph Rowe

Bonnie Johnson's Women In Aviation

Col. George M. Boyd, CAP, "Remembers the Tuskegee Airmen!"

Daryl Murphy Planes and People

Richard Harris - Kansas Aviation Historian

Special Subjects

Wings Over The World

Learn to Fly

Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center Astro Features

Aviation and Aircraft Videos

Amelia Earhart, Fact and Fiction

Kansas Aviation Legacy

The Kansas Aviation Museum Journal

Aviation Education

Aviation Education

McConnell AFB Heritage

Kansas Air National Guard Annals

Outstanding Kansas Built Aircraft

Avaition Careers and Employment

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